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Virtual Community Care Hubs

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CMHA Toronto, in partnership with the Centre for Immigrant & Community Services (CICS), Addiction Services Central Ontario (ASCO), and Unison and Scarborough Health Network (SHN), strive to improve population health and reduce inequities among population groups by leveraging virtual care through the introduction of Virtual Community Care Hubs (VCCH). This initiative received provincial funding to enhance the pandemic response and recovery plan through appropriate virtual care options, which are vital in ensuring continuity of health services.

VCCHs are office spaces located throughout our community where you can schedule appointments for mental health, addictions, primary care, peer support, social and vocational programming and health-related services operating within the justice system (e.g., mental health court diversion). The hubs are equipped with video and audio-conferencing technology to enable telehealth services by providing a supportive environment that makes distanced communication feel as personal as in-person care.

Through the VCCHs, we aim to serve populations with limited access to hold care sessions due to unstable housing, technology, internet, or access to a private and safe space.

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Who are VCCH services for?

VCCHs are available for:

  • Clients of CMHA Toronto, CICS, ASCO and SHN
  • Any member of the community that finds programming relevant

What services do the VCCHs provide?

VCCHs offer virtual group programming. Groups that have been offered include stress management, employment strategies and mindfulness.

The groups that are offered vary monthly. To view the available September 2022 group programs, you can access the CALENDAR (PDF) here on the CMHA Toronto website.

Where are VCCH services offered?

The group programs are offered virtually, and are accessible from any device with the video conferencing applications Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Both systems offer a dial-in audio-only option. Please view the monthly programming calendar to participate in the various groups offered. The programming calendar provides links for individuals to join during the scheduled session.

How do you access the VCCHs?

Drop-in online during the scheduled meetings through the links provided in the programming calendar. Closed groups can be accessed through case manager referrals.

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