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Housing First

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Our Housing First program is a community based service offered in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto)Across Boundaries, and Canadian Mental Health Association (York & South Simcoe).

We help individuals who: are 16 years of age and older, are homeless or precariously housed in York Region, South Simcoe and parts of Toronto; experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol; and experiencing symptoms of mental illness without a formal diagnosis. Individuals will not be excluded on the basis of continued use of substances, not taking medication, or involvement in the criminal justice system.

What We Offer:

  • Regular meetings with a case manager
  • Help in navigating the housing market to find and secure suitable housing
  • Support with social and community integration
  • Supportive counselling, referral to primary care, employment, education, or substance misuse treatment, as needed
  • Collaborative development and implementation of an individualized treatment plan

Where We Help:

This program is offered in York Region, South Simcoe and parts of Toronto.

Is Housing First right for you?

Streamlined Access is available to York Region residents looking for supportive housing programs in York Region.

Individuals looking for assistance can call Streamlined Access at 289.340.0348 or toll free 1.844.660.6602, or complete the online application.