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How We Support SafeBeds

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What is SafeBeds?

SafeBeds offers an alternative to hospitalization for individuals with a mental illness experiencing a crisis and unable to stay in their current living situation. SafeBeds is a voluntary, non-medical facility providing services 24/7.

This short term livein program offers crisis support, counselling, coping strategies, safety planning and recovery planning. Individuals are provided basic living needs including means, clothing and personal care items during their stay. Mental health counsellors are there to offer support, advocacy, referrals and linkages to community based services.

The average stay at SafeBeds is 3 to 5 days. To access this program, individuals must be 16 years or older and in a self-identified crisis. They must be agreeable to the facility and program rules and to working on recovery focused goals. They must present no health or safety risks to themselves or others.

What We Do:

ASCO supports the SafeBeds programs delivered through Canadian Mental Health Association – Toronto  and York Region Support Network.