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Treatment Programs

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Adult Substance Use Community Outreach Concurrent Disorders Pregnant and/or Parenting – Umbrellas Problem Gambling Smoking Cessation Well(nest) Day/Evening Treatment Youth & Family

What We Offer

Addiction Services Central Ontario (ASCO) offers many programs and services to support individuals and families who are looking for support for substance use, gambling and co-occurring mental illness.

You & Your Recovery

At ASCO, we focus on you and your recovery. We believe in hope, respect, understanding your strengths and valuing your choices. You are not in this alone.

Safe Environment

We promote a welcoming, safe environment, and our team of counsellors and other professionals are here to support you.


Adult Substance Use Program

For adults 25 + facing challenges with alcohol and/or drugs. This program uses a client-centred approach which motivates and helps you take charge of your recovery. We support people who choose to stop using or cut back on their substance use. Learn more about our Adult Substance Use Program. 

Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program sees clients in the community. Our counsellors support individuals or family members experiencing substance use and/or gambling problems and are unable to access traditional treatment programs. Learn more about our Community Outreach Program.

Concurrent Disorders Program

For youth and adults ages 16+ who have a serious mental illness that impacts their daily functioning and also have a substance use issue or substance dependence issue. Our program provides counselling, education on how mental illness and substance use impact each other and skills training. Learn more about our Concurrent Disorders Program

Pregnant and/or Parenting – Umbrellas Program

We offer our Umbrellas Program to pregnant women and/or mothers who have a child 10 years of age or younger and are concerned about drug, alcohol use or gambling. We will work with you to choose treatment goals that support your well-being and your parent-child relationship(s). Learn more about our Umbrellas Program. 

Problem Gambling Program

For youth and adults 16 + and their families experiencing harms from gambling. Our program helps people living with problem gambling and are looking for ways to cut back or stop. We help you gain control of your life and support the healing of personal relationships. Learn more about our Problem Gambling Program.

Youth & Family Program

This program is for youth and young adults between 12 and 24 years of age and their loved ones who want to support connected with their drug or alcohol use. Parents or primary caregivers are also welcome to connect for services. Learn more about our Youth & Family Program.