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A Loved One’s Addiction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Impaired Driving Problem Gambling Substance Abuse

You are not in this alone. Let’s take this journey together.

From our front-desk staff, to our highly trained counsellors, case managers, nurses, peer support and Nurse Practitioners, every member of our team treats clients, loved ones and communities with respect and understanding. 

We listen, and we make sure that your goals and needs are at the centre of your care.

We work with you and your support system to create a personalized treatment program based on your preferences, needs and circumstances.

Our treatment programs start with a comprehensive assessment and, depending on your needs, may include individual and/or group counselling, case management and/or peer support.

Single Session Virtual Counselling

If you’re not ready for a treatment program, or simply would like to speak with one of our counsellors about your concerns, we now offer single-session virtual counselling.

Single-session counselling appointments are offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

You will meet with a highly trained clinician ready to answer your questions over the phone or through a secure video link.