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A Loved One’s Addiction

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Our Friends & Family Support Group is offered for those concerned about someone else’s substance use or gambling. 

The person with the substance use or problem gambling behaviour doesn’t have to be a registered client of ASCO for family or friends to access this service.

The group meets together to share ideas and strategies, find support in one another, and process the impact that the substance use or problem gambling has had on relationships.

It is available to individuals, couples, and/or families (ages 25+), wishing to access support around their loved one’s (ages 25+) substance use and/or gambling problems.

How We Help

Participants leave with a better understanding of what effective support looks like and how to support themselves. 

This group covers the following topics:

  • Orientation night (Attendance is mandatory)
  • What to know about addiction
  • Supporting through understanding
  • Supporting through self-care
  • Supporting with words
  • Supporting with action
  • Building a life

Where We Help

The Family & Friends Support Group is held weekly.

Is our Friends & Family Support Group right for you?

We are here to help. Give us a call. Our intake staff will gather the necessary information, including your name, age, phone number, and details about your situation designed to help our team determine if this program is right for you and provide you with information about other programs we offer.

To access this service, please contact our:

Intake Department

905-841-7007 or 1-800-263-2288 ext. 322