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ASYR Announces Name Change to Addiction Services Central Ontario

November 8, 2022

Aurora — (October 28, 2021) Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR) announced today that it has changed its name to Addiction Services Central Ontario. The new name reflects the evolution, growth and significant geographic expansion of the organization and its services and programs. 

Addiction Services Central Ontario provides community treatment services, support and assistance to Ontarians experiencing substance use and/or problem gambling and their loved ones. The organization serves thousands of clients each year, not just in York Region as well as North York, South Simcoe, and beyond.

“The name change announced today reflects an important moment in Addiction Services Central Ontario’s evolution,” said Penny Marrett, Executive Director of Addiction Services Central Ontario. “Throughout nearly four decades, the organization has grown considerably to serve significantly more Ontarians across an expanded number of jurisdictions. As the organization grew and evolved, it became vital to have a name that accurately reflects the geography, the people, and the communities we serve.” 

Addiction Services Central Ontario initiated a consultation process in 2019 to begin evaluating an organizational name change given the significant expansion of its footprint beyond York Region. The valuable feedback from countless partners, agencies, clients and team members led to the new name, Addiction Services Central Ontario. 

“The name Addiction Services Central Ontario is representative of the people and communities that we serve each and every day,” said Annette Jones, Chair of the Board of Addiction Services Central Ontario. “We are excited about the continued evolution and growth of the organization and the benefits that the more accurate and appropriate name represents. Our entire team looks forward to continuing to bring support, treatment and healing to Ontarians affected by addictions.”

While the organization’s name has changed, the mission remains the same; to offer hope, reduce harm and promote recovery from addiction through outstanding service and innovation. Addiction Services Central Ontario will continue to be strongly committed to this mission and looks forward to continuing to develop innovative ways to serve all residents in the Central Ontario Region. 

The new name was unveiled at Addiction Services Central Ontario’s Annual General Meeting held on October 28, 2021. Along with the new name, the organization’s refreshed website,, together with enhanced branding was also announced.

About Addiction Services Central Ontario

Addiction Services Central Ontario, formerly known as Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR), has been providing community treatment services, support and assistance to those individuals experiencing substance use and/or problem gambling and their loved ones since 1983. Addiction Services Central Ontario embraces a holistic, biological, psychological, social and spiritual approach to addiction. Our vision is to create a world where all people affected by addictions have the opportunity to heal.